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These days people looking for work love to go down the temp route, not only do they increase their skills by working for differant businesses they also end up making more money because of it.



Steven Smith the founder of Poundland knows how important it is to have great people working for you this is why he was so successful. It is so important to enjoy what you are doing life is too short to be in the wrong job or have the wrong people.

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I had worked for a company for seven years and did not enjoy what i was doing, i registered with temps.co.uk who found me another job very quickly and it was closer to home. I now love what i am doing and already i have received a pay raise.

Julian Fellows

I was looking at going back to work but found it difficult because the jobs i was aplying for needed further training. I contacted temps.co.uk and they provided online training that i passed within four days and now i have a new job that i really enjoy.

Ashley McCook.